Loan Management System Integration

Our services are already connected to various hosted Loan Management Systems

Your Loan Management System – LMS – is the heart and soul of your business, controlling disbursements and collections from your clients. For the typical consumer lender, this is the most complicated piece of infrastructure.

Credimatico understands your needs

By connecting directly to your LMS, information appears in your fingertips – in real time – and with no effort. Keep using the same workflows and product definitions with reduced manual effort to manually wrangle back and forth to Excel files or CSV reports.

In most cases, your existing risk mitigation, dashboard, email and phone customer communications, payment processing and more, continue working as usual. Except for the faster turnaround and the reduced workload associated with securely managing your customer data.

Not currently supported? We can still help

If your LMS is not among our supported systems yet, don’t despair. Credimatico can appoint an integration team to connect our solutions to your own LMS for a very competitive price. Streamline your operations now.