Lead Aggregation and Filtering

Increase the efficiency of your current lead processing pipeline

Our customers are aware that choosing the right lead for their business is a key success factor. Good leads make the business grow and thrive, and our advanced filtering can help identify real customers in need of your services with fewer manual processes and reduced costs.

Works seamlessly within your client lifecycle

In the traditional lead processing model, data from multiple lead providers is passed to a Lead Intake function charged with ensuring that the information for each lead is complete, accurate and actionable. Existing so early in the customer acquisition cycle, this function is a natural chokepoint requiring ever-increasing resources to keep up with your business needs.

The traditional lead processing model

Furthermore, adding lead sources is often tied to increasing the resource allocation to the lead intake function, resulting in diminished efficiency.

Changes in the business requirements further down the processing model — e.g., introduction of new services, new regulatory requirements, incursion in new markets — also carry the requirement to retrain and retool the lead intake function, resulting in less flexibility for your business.

While working with your current lead providers, Credimatico replaces the legacy Lead Intake function with a scalable and real-time engine that identifies prospective leads falling short of your configured business requirements, having inconsistent information or containing unacceptable risk factors. These prospects are automatically excluded, saving time and resources.

The Credimatico lead processing model

By focusing your efforts in the client setup stage, your service pipeline becomes more efficient. Growing your business to enter new markets or offering additional services is a matter of adding the required criteria to the Credimatico engine, which will apply them in real-time.

Measurement Tools

Credimatico’s transactional approach – where each prospect is individually assessed – provides exclusive insight in the quality metrics that matter for your business. Our industrial strength tools respond to your needs, separating the wheat from the chaff, reducing manual processing and allowing your operation to focus on real clients in need of your services.

As each lead that has ever been processed matures into a full relationship, the outcomes are fed back to our proprietary models to further refine results over time, resulting in ever increasing accuracy in the filtering process.

Lead Quality

Customers in need of your services are out there. By thoroughly filtering and vetting lead data, Credimatico quickly matches prospects to the parameters you require: Income, geographical location and many other variables can be used to screen prospective customers, prior to commitment. All via automated processes that are carried out in real time to support your operations.

Filtering combines Credimatico proprietary data and queries to various external data providers performed in real time, at validation time, to determine whether the prospective lead data meets the stated Business Requirements for your specific use case.

Credimatico filtering model

Leads that meet or exceed these Business Requirements are marked accordingly and reported to your processing pipeline. This process ensures your costs – and risk – remain under control by accepting customers you can effectively engage in a successful transaction with reduced effort and greater efficiency.

Our continuously learning system ensures positive results that improve over time and keep your business profitable, keeping fraud at bay.

Real-Time Filtering

Providing prospects with a quick engagement is a key factor in a successful transaction. This is why Credimatico designed its lead processing engine to operate in real time, with a powerful rule evaluation system that can provide decisions within seconds.

Our technology quickly assesses dozens of risk metrics to provide a lightning fast decision, minimizing the time a prospect has to wait in front of a spinning disk. Data from multiple sources is employed transparently to identify suspect information on prospective leads. Our technology filters out leads that do not satisfy your specific business requirements so that you can fully focus on the clients you want.

Your processing timeline does not need to be concerned with the additional data used for filtering. Credimatico takes care of querying and analyzing the required data sources as per your intended lead Business Rules. Only leads passing the validation criteria will be reported to you for follow up, ensuring a simple integration and eliminating any compliance burden associated with third party data.

The reduction in customer anxiety due to the faster response provides for a superior user experience for your clients and improves the chances of a successful transaction.