Managed Email & SMS notification services

Keep in touch with your customers in real time, following industry best practices

Email & SMS are the most relevant real-time contact methods to get in touch with your customers. Credimatico’s experience in Internet Messaging ensure trouble free, reliable and instant communications with your customers.

Turn-key best practices

Credimatico has built its messaging solutions considering all industry best practices. We strictly follow M³AAWG to ensure that email and SMS to your customers will be promptly delivered.

Our service includes actionable reports on the delivery status of each message, allowing you to update the communications preferences of your customers promptly, before disrupting other business cycles.

Email experts on call

Our team includes seasoned email industry experts who will diagnose and assist you in addressing any an all issues with your email communications. We will work with you in applying to the SuretyMail email accreditation program, ensuring that your email gets delivered promptly to your customer mailbox.

At first engagement, our engineers will perform a review of your current practices – down to your actual email templates – and point out any areas of concern to ensure a clean transition to Credimatico… Or a great launch!

Shared or dedicated platform, it’s all about you

Some messaging senders benefit from shared platforms while others prefer to have absolute control on their messaging flows. Credimatico can deploy dedicated infrastructure to support your communications or set you up in one of our shared, high-availability shared clusters.

We will recommend the best option based on your unique requirements.