Friendly ACH Services

ACH services that can support your consumer lending operation with no hassle.

Reliable ACH services are key to consumer lending providers such as yours. Credimatico provides robust and reliable ACH services for the US market.

Built for consumer lenders, scalable to all

For consumer lenders and other provider of small loans, finding a reliable ACH partner is not easy. Many factors restrict the service offerings and provide a second-class experience.

Credimatico and its industry partners work together to provide a reliable and secure ACH service for the US market, tightly integrated with your existing LMS. Ensuring the timely flow of funds is key to your business and your customers. Credimatico services have been engineered to deal with all the complexity and provide a simple and reliable service for moving funds and closing transactions.

Fully auditable, transparent operation

To meet the most stringent regulatory requirements, Credimatico ACH solution keeps detailed and secure logs for all transactions. Our comprehensive reporting capability – as well as access to your own raw data reports – has been engineered to provide data meeting or exceeding the guidelines set forth by AICPA®.

Credimatico gives you and your customers the peace of mind of knowing that transactions are executed in a professional and diligent way.