Services that grow with your business

Lead aggregation and filtering

Our customers are aware that choosing the right lead for their business is a key success factor. Good leads make the business grow and thrive, and our advanced filtering can help identify real customers in need of your services with fewer manual processes and reduced costs.

Loan Management System Integration

Your Loan Management System – LMS – is the heart and soul of your business, controlling disbursements and collections from your clients. For the typical consumer lender, this is the most complicated piece of infrastructure.

Friendly ACH Services

Reliable ACH services are key to consumer lending providers such as yours. Credimatico provides robust and reliable ACH services for the US market.

Email & SMS notifications

Email & SMS are the most relevant real-time contact methods to get in touch with your customers. Credimatico’s experience in Internet Messaging ensure trouble free, reliable and instant communications with your customers.